Large crystal chandelier on ropes in gold 5025/D1000


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100 cm

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E 14




A majestic crystal chandelier is designed for high-quality lighting of large rooms. Such a chandelier boldly makes a claim to luxury and richness in the arrangement of the room. Thanks to its diameter of 100cm, the chandelier can provide a lot of light, so there is no need for floor lamps or table lamps in the room. As a night light, you can use both Murano style wall sconces and crystal sconces, and even from the same collection.
A round metal base, decorated in gold, holds a layer of flat crystal pendants. Like crystal scales, they cover the entire perimeter of the base. The pendants have slightly different shapes in the upper and lower parts, which creates the effect of slight disorder and unevenness. It’s as if the light moves in a circle, flowing from one crystal pendant to another. Each crystal element has an elongated shape and has a large number of edges. The faceted elements reflect light and create a majestic cloud of light, as if light appeared in the center of the room and smoothly flows through the crystal, scattering throughout the room. Majestic luxury on metal pendants will give a lot of light and create the right mood.


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