Chandelier in the flight of stairs with 9 honey shades in a gold case 2991/9 FG/NC


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Lighting is needed not only in rooms, but also in transitions, corridors, nooks and crannies, because it is difficult for a person to orientate in space in the dark. Special types of chandeliers are developed for staircases. They have a greater height and physically spaced lamps, thanks to which lighting is created along the entire height of the chandelier. Such models are created elegant and stylish, because attention is focused on them in a rather narrow space, where there is often nothing else to pay attention to.
An exquisite chandelier for marches made of delicate honey transparent glass is an elegant decoration for a warm and cozy interior of a two-story apartment. 9 warm yellow shades are located at different heights, thanks to which the chandelier illuminates both the lower and upper marches. Each lampshade is like a warm bowl of a mysterious shape made of molten soft light. A thin exquisite drop pendant under each shade makes it more delicate and delicate. The very base of the lampshade is decorated with a relief spiral pattern, which clearly emphasizes the rounded shapes of the lampshade itself. To emphasize the mood created by the chandelier, you can add pendants from the same series to the rooms on the floors.


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