Chandelier in a flight of stairs with 48 pendants in chrome


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Number of blobs



4 meters


80 cm





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235 W




A lighting device is something that attracts attention in every room. It is the external appearance of the device that can determine its use in one or another room. The style of decoration of the device not only fits well into the surrounding space, but is also able to give it a certain mood, emphasize the style and create a mood.
A large chandelier in the stairwell is somewhat unusual. You will not find such a device in most residential and household spaces. The height of 4 meters implies placement in the stairwell, and therefore the lighting of two floors at the same time. At the same time, you can either install additional wall lights or do without them, because a large chandelier is quite enough just to move around the room. A whole waterfall of light spiraling, as if it should gather below in the central part. Instead, it spreads a gentle glow over the entire height of the stairs and part of the rooms on several floors. The chandelier consists of a spiral formed from separate cylindrical suspensions. Each pendant is a translucent cylinder made of acrylic with interspersed balls. Light oozes from the top silver cap of the cylinder and burns brightly in each ball. Such cylinders create a soft comfort and a good mood.


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