Crystal chandeliers on the ceiling

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Showing 1–12 of 56 results

When people hear about chandeliers made of crystal, they immediately imagine the large halls of luxurious palaces. But today, anyone can become the owner of such a lamp, especially since a huge range of such products allows you to make the right choice.

Selection criteria

A new large crystal chandelier must meet two basic requirements: to please at first sight and to have an affordable price. In this case, when choosing this light source, you should pay attention to:
• Size and shape (which must match the height of the ceiling and the dimensions of the room);
• Style;
• Sufficient light intensity;
• Color (the product must fit perfectly into the color palette of the room), etc.

From a variety of lighting fixtures, recessed and ceiling-mounted crystal chandeliers can be distinguished. Recessed are perfect for small rooms with low ceilings. They resemble a ceiling or a plate, while this form will not reduce the space of an already small room. Ceiling lamps are also called pendant. This option is ideal for rooms with high ceilings.

It is important to correctly calculate the light that the lighting device supplies. After all, crystal chandeliers for the hall are not just a luxurious decor, but also a way to illuminate a particular room. Therefore, no matter what requirements are put forward for such a product, its main function is comfortable lighting. After all, too bright light causes fatigue, and dim – weakness and longing.

Another feature of crystal lamps is the size of the cartridges. They can be very small and large, and also differ in the material of manufacture (carbolitic, ceramic).

Perfect color

Today, you can buy a crystal chandelier of any color, because this is a very important selection criterion. It is the color of the product that should be combined with other elements of the interior. But at the same time, any color changes in the room must be taken into account with the advent of a colored lamp.

Many choose colorless crystal chandeliers. Kyiv is a big city, where it is very easy to find a lighting fixture made of colorless crystal. This is a fairly profitable option, as it harmonizes perfectly with both classic interiors and high-tech decor.

The silver elements used in the design of the lamp will add elegance and even more originality. This also applies to details of a golden hue.

Crystal chandeliers for stretch ceilings will be more successfully chosen by a designer who is engaged in home interior design, since a specialist will be able to choose the ideal option for a particular room.

But where to buy beautiful and high-quality crystal chandeliers? The online store “Rainbow” offers a huge selection of crystal lamps of various shapes, colors, styles and prices.