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Stylish floor lamp L2007 is made of wood, coffee color, and textile shades, brown. Floor lamp for 3 bulbs E27. Gives a soft, diffused light. Perfect for a bedroom or lounge.

The original lamp in the room is a bright way to create a unique and unforgettable atmosphere, to emphasize its style and uniqueness. Lighting devices not only help to extend daylight hours, but also become a real decoration of the premises. The original 2007 floor lamp from Rainbow will not replace a large ceiling chandelier, but it will become a real decoration of a bedroom or a sitting area. Made of wood, it will perfectly complement romantic natural interiors, creating a unique coziness. The wide base of the floor lamp makes it convenient to install against a wall or even in a corner. At different heights along the base are placed 3 shades, which are mounted in the rack. Textile brown lampshades do not let in bright light, so the floor lamp will be the perfect night lamp. Its light is enough for relaxation, but definitely not enough to wake someone up or piss them off. You can’t read a book under it, but it’s so great to dream, make plans and fall in love. The unusual shape allows this lamp to be used even in a romantic corner of a restaurant or a small cafe, where atmosphere is usually much more important than lighting.


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