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Table lamps have entered our lives, taking their rightful place on every table. This is a small place on a horizontal surface, at the entrance to a room or apartment, on a cozy table in a restaurant or on a desk in an office. The form and style depend on the place of its operation. If simple laconic options are chosen for the office, then complex whimsical forms are preferred for places of rest. When choosing the shape of a table lamp for the home, preference is given to those that will be most harmoniously integrated into the overall decoration of the room in which this lamp is planned to be installed. Since table lamps are very mobile, easily moved from place to place, can be moved to other rooms, they should also be combined with other possible locations.
The 236 series lamp consists of two separate parts: the lower part is a base of thin metal tubes, like a basket for used paper. The stylish black color allows the base to be almost invisible at night, making it seem like the ceiling is just floating in the air. And the upper part is actually the ceiling itself. He is like a balloon that is drawn to the base and cannot fly away. Longitudinal lines decorate the glass matte white ceiling, as if continuing the base. The ceiling is open from above, thanks to which it emits a large beam of light upwards. Such a lamp will be a wonderful decoration of any interior.


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