Swivel spot sconce with shades 10108/2w


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You can decorate the room in various ways and elements. The world of modern man is becoming more and more practical, so maximum attention is paid to things that are not just beautiful, but also useful. One of these things is wall sconces – the undoubted leader in decorating small living and working spaces. They do not require a separate place on a useful work surface, but make the location of a person as comfortable as possible for a person’s stay, work or rest.
Bra-spot series 10108 is a stylish combination of styles and materials. Bright chrome is favorably shaded by wooden elements, enhancing the spectacular appearance of the upper part of the ceiling lights and the rectangular base. Two shades significantly increase the lighting area, which makes it convenient to use such a spot above a double bed, in an elongated corridor or above two adjacent work areas. Transparent glass shades are open from below, thanks to which the lighting area is large enough. Glass shades have a faceted surface that seems to be twisted together with the lamp. This gives it a certain mystery and unusualness, and also creates an interesting light pattern on the surface of the lampshade itself.


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