Sconce with white matt shade 1803/2w-1


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Room lighting is necessary for a person in the dark, but it may also be needed when working with small details or objects. A person installs lighting devices in the premises – large and small, ceiling, wall or floor. Depending on the needs of the person, devices of different styles, colors and materials are used.
Stylish laconic sconce made in a modern minimalist style. The elongated metal rectangular base glistens with dark metal. A long round ceiling was placed along the base. White frosted glass does not give bright light, but creates a soft snow-white glow that will look harmonious both in the bedroom above the bed and in the large hall of the public space. The glass ceiling is decorated with embossed longitudinal stripes, thanks to which the sconce looks more elegant and delicate. Such a lamp combines well with other lighting devices in light colors, with metal elements or similar sconces. The ability to install sconces on the wall or ceiling, in a vertical or horizontal position, significantly expands the scope of possible application of the lamp.


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