Sconce with clear glass gold 4277/2w FG


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Luxury lamps are designed to illuminate the room, to decorate it, to indicate the luxury and majesty of the room. Choosing a luxurious, rather than just a functional device, encourages users to create an unforgettable style in the room. Crystal lighting devices are reliability, durability and unique charm. They perfectly fit into romantic and luxurious interior styles. Another similar wall lamp or a ceiling chandelier with a crystal lampshade will serve as support for such lighting.
The wall sconce with a crystal lampshade looks extremely delicate and neat. Transparent long glass tubes are arranged in a circle and reliably hide two lamps from prying eyes. The middle part of the sconce is golden with holes that contain crystal tubes. Lamps are located on both sides of the base. In this way, the golden circle is like a mirror, reflecting the upper part of the lamp. The shape of the lamp perfectly emphasizes the smooth lines of the room and shiny surfaces. Crystal does not tarnish, does not require special care and looks beautiful both in the light and in the dark. An elegant sconce is perfectly combined with crystal ceiling chandeliers.


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