Sconce in Provence style, white with patina 3835/2w WT


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A person needs high-quality illumination of the room, because it is simply impossible to do all his work only during daylight hours. For full lighting, in addition to the main ceiling chandelier, additional lighting devices are used – wall, table, floor. They illuminate small remote areas in the room, giving the opportunity to rest or work with maximum comfort in the chosen place.
Luxurious wall sconce 3835 is made of metal in Provence style. It is a strong and stable construction that looks delicate and refined. Numerous relief floral designs are located on the metal base. On the white color of the base, decorated with patina, they look elegant and stylish. Two stylized metal roses rise up, carrying two burning candles. As if hot wax flowing from a rose, large transparent crystal drops were placed under it. The numerous facets on the pendants create a unique play of light and scatter multi-colored reflections.


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