Sconce for candles in gold 1150/2w FG


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Lighting a room is one of the ways to make it as comfortable as possible for a person. Thanks to partial lighting, the room is divided into zones intended for certain types of activities. Such zoning is much more effective and simpler than interior zoning. And light zoning is easy to change and transfer to other places. For partial lighting, use small lighting devices, such as table or wall lamps.
The wall sconce of the 1150 series is an exquisite work of art that will illuminate the area above a chair, bed or even a cozy table. Thin golden twists of the base, as if drawn by the skillful hand of a master, raise up 2 lamps stylized as candles. The red-hot light, frozen in exquisite forms, seems to be cooled by the crystal stands that are supposed to hold the dripping wax. In addition, the delicate twists of the base are decorated with convex crystal faceted pendants. Such pendants enhance illumination and scatter colored rays of reflected light around.


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