Sconce for candles beige with patina 50318/2w YG


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beige + patina



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E 14


40 W




Lighting up your home means making it convenient and comfortable. And this also means choosing a lighting device that optimally matches the color and stylistic decoration of the room, its functionality. Small wall fixtures help to brightly illuminate a small wall area. They create a corner of convenience and practicality that can be used to meet a specific need – reading, relaxing, working or meeting with friends. Most often, sconces for 2 candles are used as a bedside lamp or above a soft corner, when it is necessary to stretch a spot of lighting along the wall.
The metal sconce looks reliable and elegant. Decorated in a light beige color, it visually expands the space and refreshes it. The gentle beige color will perfectly match the light walls and stand out brightly in the dark areas of warm tones. Patina toning gives it the look of an antique appliance, which is perfectly combined with lamps stylized as candles. This device seems to have come from an old castle on purpose to decorate your home and bring a drop of old luxury into it.


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