Sconce crystal swivel in gold 42601/2w FG


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Partial lighting of the room is not a vital necessity, but without it it is quite difficult to perform most everyday tasks. The ceiling chandelier must have a large power to ensure full lighting of the entire room. It is often much more effective to use a small lighting device to create a lighted area for work or recreation in a certain area.
The original wall sconce is not just a functional device, it is a means to decorate the room, add special touches to it and emphasize uniqueness. A crystal swivel sconce with two lamps looks unusual and extraordinary. The large round base is like a mirror, which significantly enhances the glow of the lamps. Each lamp seems to be entwined with golden curls. Each curl is finished with a stylish crystal decoration. Like real cave stalactites, transparent faceted crystal envelops the lamp, waiting for bright rays of light to spread throughout the room. With such a sconce, you can feel comfortable in the dark in any interior. The sconce is perfectly combined with other lighting devices in gold decoration.


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