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A ceiling chandelier is a large lighting device and a significant decoration of the room. The classic location of the chandelier is the center of the ceiling. Nothing else is usually placed in this place, so the chandelier always attracts attention. Accordingly, it is one of the bright decoration means in every room. When choosing such a device, special attention is paid to its style and color decoration.
A large crystal chandelier with a diameter of 100 cm is designed for 16 lamps, it is able to qualitatively illuminate a sufficiently large room, adding golden luxury to it. A chandelier is like a big cake made of two layers. One layer is made of golden metal, which, as if a wide belt, tightly hugs each individual element of the lower layer, keeping it in the right place. The relief of the metal with a slight spread of heights gives the chandelier a special balanced charm. The bottom layer is made of glass elements. Each element is an elongated triangular glass rod. They look extraordinary and stylish, merging into a large glass field, where each element reflects light multiple times, simultaneously amplifying it. It was as if the light was trying to trickle down and suddenly froze, remaining to decorate the central part of the room.


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