Large crystal chandelier chrome 4292/D1000 CR


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A large ceiling chandelier is an essential attribute of every modern home. If its technical characteristics must meet the requirements for the brightness and quality of lighting of the room, then the materials used and the general appearance should rather correspond to the general decoration of the room.
The ceiling chandelier of the 4292 series is made of two parts, as if from separate elements merging into one. The lower part is made of glass elements. Each element is an elongated three-sided stick. Arranged around and within the circle, these wands create a whole field of crystals that intensify the glow and transmit burning reflections to each other with each facet. Like transparent ice that shines in the sun, the crystals sparkle both when the lighting is turned on and when the light is on.
The upper part of the lamp consists of a chrome-plated metal layer, which, like a belt, embraces the outer contour of the pendants. The relief of the layer creates the impression that it tightly fits each crystal pendant, following its contours and holding it securely in place. The cold, elegant design with a diameter of 100 cm is designed for 16 lamps. For a harmonious combination of various lighting devices, the manufacturer provided lamps of different diameters, sconces and floor lamps in the series


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