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E 27


40 W




To illuminate the room, a person uses lighting devices of various shapes, materials and designs. One of the popular materials – plastic gives a wide space for designers. The light material can take a variety of forms without requiring complex processing.
A pendant is a stylish lighting device. It will not be able to completely replace a ceiling chandelier, but it is quite capable of creating an illuminated area above your favorite table or chair, in an area for work or active games. A plastic suspension is a light structure that does not require special care, while creating a special mood in the room.
Bright green color increases appetite, improves mood, stimulates activity. Such a pendant can be successfully used both in living rooms and in places of rest – cafes or children’s entertainment centers. The ceiling of the suspension is closed, the outer part seems to be created from a collection of petals that create a mysterious pattern on the surface of the sphere. The curved petals are illuminated in different ways by a single lamp located in the center of the lampshade, thanks to which a strange play of light and shadows is created.


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