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Wall sconces are not mandatory interior items, but they remain popular and fashionable. Made in different styles and shapes, sconces become the center of a small illuminated space, intended for various activities. Most often, double sconces are used as a nightstand above a large bed. But they can be successfully used in a corner or near the entrance. over a desk or a lounge chair.
Sconce 3750 is made of white glass with small metallic shiny elements. The appearance of the sconce is delicate and fresh, it blends well with the light decor elements in the room. Soft curves and rounded shapes of the base are complemented by a relief pattern. The lamps, stylized as antique candles, raised up, are almost completely hidden in glass bowls, as if the silver of the lamps should melt and remain in them. Under each horn is a large crystal faceted drop-suspension, almost imperceptible during the day and brightly sparkling with rays of reflected light in the dark.


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