Crystal wall lamp in gold 4271/1w NEW GD


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Number of blobs



45 cm


20 cm

Removal from the wall

14 см





Blob type

E 14


40 W




Wall lighting devices are used much more actively than ceiling ones, because it is so convenient to install a small light source above your favorite place of rest. Wall sconces are used above a bed, chair, desk, or in a long corridor where there is not enough light for a comfortable stay. Also, wall-mounted crystal sconces create an amazing area of ​​soft lighting, which allows you to use them even as a night lamp. The stylish design of the sconce will perfectly emphasize the coziness of the room and will be well combined with the ceiling chandeliers of the 4270 series, creating a single composition with them.
The sconce consists of separate elongated crystal elements. Each of them has a triangular shape, thanks to which the number of sparkling surfaces increases significantly. The wide metal belt is decorated with antique gilding and securely hugs the glass elements located at different heights. This arrangement creates the illusion of chaos, unevenness and lightness. It was as if a small piece of light was gently pressed against the wall by a metal strap. This is a gentle and elegant design that will illuminate the desired relaxation or work area in the chosen room.


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