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A wall-mounted lighting device is an opportunity to create a brightly lit area where there is not enough light from a large ceiling chandelier. It is customary to work, study and rest under the light of a wall sconce. Sconces are placed both in rooms and in narrow corridors, because they perform the tasks assigned to them without taking up useful space on the floor or work surface.
A crystal wall sconce is always an elegant and delicate composition, illuminated from the inside by radiating light, and from the outside by reflected light. The traditionally round metal base is decorated with chrome. Crystal chains of convex round elements hang from it in a continuous layer. Each element has a large number of faces, thanks to which the overall brightness of the sconce is significantly increased. From the edges, the central parts of the chains do not have crystals, which makes the sconce lighter and more elegant. at the ends of the chains, large faceted crystal layers descend in a spiral from right to left, shining with reflected light like small diodes. A sconce can not only illuminate, but also significantly decorate the room. It is ideally easily combined with crystal ceiling chandeliers with different types of pendants.


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