Crystal chrome hanger 4601/1 CR


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Extraordinary lighting devices are becoming more and more available and used. Modern materials make it possible to create the most unusual shapes and contours of lighting devices, which are actively used by designers, stylists and technologists when developing new models. A stylish and tidy pendant is an exquisite decoration of a cozy bedroom or hall. It is able to create a bright pattern of light reflections throughout the room, while creating an atmosphere of comfort and well-groomed. A massive glass ceiling with a metal chrome top was placed on a long, almost imperceptible cable. A rough glass block has the general shape of a ball, but is decorated with numerous facets. Coarse faces create the illusion of deliberate disorder, making the glass shade seem to glow from within. The thick round base is decorated with chrome and beautifully combines with metal elements of modern interiors. Thanks to the long cable, the pendant spreads light not under the ceiling, but significantly below, thanks to which it creates a lighted space exactly at the level where a person most often rests – a bed, chair or table. The pendant can be combined with a ceiling overhead lamp from the same series or other lighting devices with glass shades.


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