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A classic way to decorate a living room, kitchen or bedroom is to use a ceiling crystal chandelier. It is a majestic and massive thing, which is located in the center of the room and covers all its corners with its light. The brightest light is under the chandelier itself, so its shape and appearance are of great importance. The general decoration of the room is maintained in a single style to create a suitable mood for everyone who enters for the first time or spends time here regularly.
A majestic crystal chandelier with a diameter of 40 cm can well illuminate a medium-sized living room. The basis is a wide flat circle of bright gold, which wraps the ceiling like a ribbon. The individual transparent crystal tubes have a smooth shining surface, which increases the amount of emitted and reflected light. Located at different heights, these tubes create a certain illusion of chaos, as if the drops of light are trying to run in different directions, and a wide, thick strip keeps them in a large bright cluster. Wall sconces with exquisite crystal lampshades are perfectly combined with such a chandelier. This lighting device is suitable for warm, cozy interiors with a lot of pleasant trinkets.


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