Crystal chandelier in black case smaller than 4273/D800 BK


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A crystal chandelier is a decoration of any room. This type of chandelier is used not only in classic interior designs, but also in many modern styles. Any object made of crystal attracts attention with the nobility and perfection of forms. Thousands of rays of the sun shimmer on its surface, emitting light and giving aesthetic pleasure. The lamp of the 4273 series, made of this amazingly transparent material, was no exception. Crystal elements, decorating the lamp, refract and reflect light into many rays. And these rays of light illuminate the room and thereby expand the space, create a special atmosphere.

The chandelier is made of black metal and crystal in the shape of a cotter resembling a self-made ancient wheel. The two inner and outer circles are connected with each other by metal spokes, and their perimeter is decorated with rectangular faceted crystal plates on the outside and in the middle. The structure is attached to cables that are attached to the element holding it under the ceiling.

In the 4273 series there are also models of a larger size and made in bronze gold color.


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