Clear glass chandelier in bronze 3701/8+4 AB


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Number of blobs



75 cm


75 cm





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E 14


40 W




A two-tier ceiling chandelier is an elegant and luxurious lighting device for any large room, regardless of its color scheme. The transparent glass of the chandelier advantageously emphasizes every shade of the interior, enhances the glare of both the chandelier and natural light.
A chandelier with thick transparent curved horns looks majestic and light at the same time. The central part is made of a large crystal element, decorated with faceting. It is like a majestic amphora that stores light until the moment when it is needed. Each corner raises up a lamp stylized as a candle. The chandelier has many transparent elements separated and accentuated by subtle metal details finished in bronze. All metal elements are decorated with relief patterns.
Under each lamp, as if preparing to catch the hot wax, crystal and metal saucers with amazing drawings were placed. The crystal pendants, which significantly add to the beauty of this chandelier, perfectly emphasize the delicacy of the metal base. Large faceted crystal drops are placed under the saucers and at the end of the crystal chains. They look great in the rays of light, turning the chandelier into an amazing decorative find for any interior.


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