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The stylish decoration of the room largely depends on the selection of lighting and other devices. An elegant lamp is placed in the center of the room, therefore it plays a significant role in shaping the overall mood and tonality of the room. Modern stylish ceiling chandeliers can be freely used both in living and working spaces.
The metal base is straight and neat, matte black. The shape of the base and the rods perpendicular to it seem to deliberately emphasize the straight corners of the room, additionally draw out even lines of furniture, appliances, and walls. The combined use of black and white colors in the decoration of the chandelier creates an additional contrast, shades dark and light areas in the interior. The bars are located on two levels, as if describing two separate circles. At the end of each rod there is a closed white shade made of frosted glass. Round ceilings contrast favorably with the straight lines of the base, as if adding an element of unusualness to traditional methods of interior design. The chandelier will perfectly fit into the interiors of almost all modern styles. The chandelier is not too fancy, stylish and elegant. It is easy to match wall sconces with round glass shades made of frosted or transparent glass.


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