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A ceiling chandelier, as an indispensable attribute of every room, attracts the attention of every visitor. The light source is a necessary and convenient addition to the interior, and, in fact, the ceiling chandelier also decorates it, adds its own character and style.
The chandelier of the 50346 series is elegant and harmonious. It is refined and refined. The metal base consists of a strong, tall base from which curved metal horns emerge. Each horn is double, which makes it seem that there are even more of them than there really are. A lamp stylized as a candle is placed on top of the horn. The entire base is decorated in a stylish gray matte color. The lower part of each candle is set in a stylized candle holder – narrow at the bottom and widened at the top. He seems ready to collect the hot wax of this candle. The elongated yellow light of the candle adds to the resemblance. Crystal pendants are placed on the bottom of the base. Each pendant is a large faceted drop, entwined with gray metal curls, which makes it look like a precious jewel. This chandelier looks elegant and luxurious, it can not only attract attention, but also indicate the uniqueness of the interior decoration. For connoisseurs of style, this series also includes a wall sconce.


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