Chandelier “Rain” in chrome 4601/18 CR


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Number of blobs



220 cm


50 см





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90 W




Original premises require original solutions, both in the general decoration and in the construction of the lighting system. Large chandeliers as the main lighting device have been used for a long time and everywhere. Chandelier 4601 from the manufacturer Poman, although small in diameter, has a considerable length. It is perfect for decorating a large hall, high ceilings, and the space between the stairs. It is as if a huge wall of silver rain is flowing down from the ceiling, radiating a unique silver shine all around. With such a chandelier, you can feel as if you are near a cool waterfall in the summer, and in the winter as if you are in a magical cloud that carries a huge secret of the universe. The height of the pendant chandelier is 220 cm, thanks to which it illuminates a large area at different heights.
The chandelier consists of 18 pendants. Each of them is made in the form of a huge crystal drop of irregular shape with many external faces. Randomly arranged, these faces give a large number of light impressions on all surfaces surrounding the chandelier. The base and tops of the pendants are decorated with chrome, which increases the amount of reflected light. Such a chandelier can fully illuminate the space between the stairs or a large hall, and can also be supplemented with spotlights.


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