Chandelier on cables crystal Gold 4766/D400


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Ceiling crystal chandelier serves not only as a lighting device, but also as a sign of grandeur and luxury. It is not so easy to choose the right devices for lighting one or another area in the room. And the ceiling chandelier is also a great decoration for the interior. It is located in the center of the ceiling, most often in the free space of the room and is one of the most visible things. Therefore, the right choice of ceiling chandelier plays an important role in decoration. The manufacturer Poman has prepared a series of crystal lighting devices 4766. This chandelier has a diameter of 40 cm. It is majestic and bright, it looks extremely elegant. The hanging chandelier has a round base and is decorated with gold. Bright warm light repeatedly reflects off the numerous faces of the crystal elements. The light is scattered on a color spectrum and scattered around the room with sun glare. Crystal elements have different shapes with a large number of faces. They are like drops of different sizes and shapes, as if ice flows down, melting under the influence of golden light. Pendants are placed along the metal circle of the base, creating a kind of crystal ceiling. This chandelier goes well with the crystal sconce from the same series.


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