Elongated chandelier made of glass and metal flakes L150*35cm


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An unusual room requires equally unique decoration. If a room demands brightness, originality, or sophistication, it needs special attention when decorating. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to choose the right ceiling chandelier, but the final decision is usually based on its appearance. Elongated chandeliers are most often used to illuminate elongated rooms divided into zones of complex shapes, above workspaces or resting areas. Chandeliers of this shape fit perfectly above card tables, billiard tables, or dining tables.

The metal golden base of the chandelier has three tiers and two chain pendants. Glass hangers are placed on each tier. Each pendant is designed in the form of scales, with a rounded shape and a pronounced relief pattern. Some scales have a white matte color, others are dark translucent, and the rest are transparent, resembling silver glass. This combination makes the chandelier beautiful, extraordinary, and very expressive. The unique design style allows the chandelier to blend into a light interior and effectively highlight its shiny elements. The light randomly falling on the chandelier creates a fascinating play of colors on the pendants and reflections in the room.


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