Chandelier BUBBLE round small 4780/15 D850


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A large ceiling chandelier is the basis of lighting in every room. It is intended to illuminate the room, decorate it with its charm and give it a certain mood, unique and bright.
The unusual chandelier of the 4780 series is a light translucent structure, as if created from air itself, which hardened under the influence of light. A round metal flat base of black color is placed on the hangers. This creates the illusion that the chandelier seems to be floating above the place of work or rest. Transparent glass shades are unevenly placed around the circle. Transparent glitter balls, each with a single lamp inside, are placed on different levels at different angles. This significantly increases the lighting area and creates a harmonious extraordinary pattern. Combined with the different diameters of the balls, the uneven arrangement of the ceiling lights creates an amazing harmony of deliberate sloppiness. The chandelier seems to be weightless, its shades are almost invisible in daylight, and the base is in the dark. The large structure of 85 cm in diameter with 15 lamps seems weightless, as if it is floating in the air and constantly changing its forms. The chandelier is well combined with wall and table lamps with transparent or frosted glass shades.


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