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A ceiling chandelier is an indispensable must-have for every modern room. Original materials and new forms allow designers to create extraordinary extraordinary models. More and more often, ceiling chandeliers are not just illuminants, but also bright elements of interior decoration, style accents and exquisite design elements.
In the presence of such a large number of materials, no one will be able to claim that the ceiling chandelier is a glass structure. Here is the 4403 series – an original and extraordinary series of lighting devices with a non-standard lampshade. The outer contour of the chandelier is created by winding a flat metal strip. As if a fairy-tale path that ran through invisible mountains, wraps around the metal of the internal lamps. Several layers of similar contours are decorated with numerous metal chains. The different height of the tracks and the length of the chains create a pattern of exquisite chaos in the lower contours as well. The graphite color adds mystery and mystery to the chandelier. Such a chandelier will become an exquisite decoration of the interior, standing out as an unexpected dark spot in the center of the room and introducing an element of chaos, modernity and originality into it.


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