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Modern materials give a wide scope for the imagination of designers, allowing them to create a variety of shapes in different styles. The ceiling chandelier is located in the center of the room, so it usually becomes the basis for building lighting, zoning the room and the style of decoration. The sophistication of romanticism and classicism, combined with modern glass finishing technologies, create real masterpieces.

The 4017 series chandelier is a golden-beige stained glass composition. The color is chosen so well that it is completely incomprehensible where exactly the metal of the base ends and the glass begins. The base of the chandelier is like a large vase with secrets, covered with figured decorations on top. And from the impossibility of revealing these secrets, the chandelier creates a soft yellowish light and numerous glare. Raise up the arcs seem so gentle that it is not even clear how exactly they hold the lamps stylized as candles at the top. The chandelier is decorated with glass lace and decor, making the image delicate, romantic and refined. The Murano style chandelier is a reliable bright glass and an elegant design that will cheer up the owners and guests for a long time. As an attachment to the chandelier, you can use a wall lamp of the same series, or a larger chandelier.


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